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This is great.

Absolutely love this - I don't know how, but this just looks incredibly pleasing to my eyes. It's amazing that this can all be done in such a small file size.
5/5, 10/10, favorite.


I'm a regular Facebook zombie, and you did pretty much capture the reality of Facebook. It was well animated, voiced, and scripted, so overall, I give it a 10/10. Keep making stuff. It's good.
Oh BTW, on Facebook I am part of a group that wants to have the 'dislike' option on someone's status, so the end was extra funny.

DAGamesOfficial responds:

lol yeah I think I joined something like that xD

Strange, yet somehow pleasing.

I like it. Awesome inclusion of my song, too. However, if it's supposed to look like it was made in MS Paint, maybe you could show the MS Paint application window around the episode somehow? That would make it more obvious that it's supposed to look like that.

JakeRies50 responds:

Haha, thanks for the review, and nice song :P. I'll definataly look into the inclusion of the MS Paint window in my next one, thanks for the advice :)

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¬°Muy bueno!

It's pretty fun, and challenging too. You might want to work on the translation though, some of it didn't seem to come out exactly right. And the elf in the tree, too; it was really hard to hit him at least for me. But it's good. I'll probably play this again.

It's alright.

It's okay, but it could be better. For one thing, the physics of the frog aren't very good. It's an interesting idea, but I don't like the jumping and how you can't really move very far, while you jump quite high. It throws you off balance and makes the game harder, but it's not harder in a fun way, it's harder in a frustrating way. Annoying jumps and making it incredibly easy to fall right back to the start aren't really substitutes for a fun challenge. I would also make the text on the platforms telling you what to do have a black border or something like that, since it's kinda hard to read white on light green.


but you MUST FIX the glitch where you for no reason sink in the ground and die. It's extremely annoying.

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Very professional.

This is an excellent song. The plucks are great, the arrangements are great, the mixing is great... mostly everything is great.
However, I do think that some of the transitions - around 1:16 in particular - seem a bit jarring to me. If they were smoothed out a little this would definitely have a ten from me.
But I'm still giving you a five so no worries. :P

Very nice.

I liked this whole song, but I especially liked the layering of a softer-sort-of piano sound over the dubstep bass. Not (at least from most of the dubstep I listen to) a very common thing to do. It definitely worked.
One thing I would suggest, perhaps, is getting the dubstep bass to gradually fade out around 1:30 when the trance part kicks back in again. Just an idea, and this piece still gets a ten from me without it, but I think it would sound very cool if that were to happen.
5/5, 10/10

Or4nges responds:

That.. Is actually a great idea.

I think i'll do that once I get around to finishing this


The mixing of this song is really, really, really great. This sounds like something I would hear on the radio or buy in a store or hear at a club. It's very good. If I may ask, what VSTis did you use?

I'm flight39 and I can't draw or animate for the life of me, but I can make music. You can find me on Myspace at http://www.myspace.c om/flight39band .

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