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2011-10-27 18:53:40 by flight39

Hello, Newgrounds! It's been a while since I've done anything on this account, because I've retired it. I've decided to make this post because I never really explained where I went after the end of last year.

This April I had made a song and was ready to publish it as flight39, but I decided I wanted a different artist name for it - so I chose ochrence and uploaded it to Newgrounds and YouTube under that name. I made another song as ochrence and then started making an album out of all of my (salvageable) songs that I had put on Newgrounds over the years.

I fixed distortion, made small tweaks here and there, retitled songs, and in one case made major revisions to a song. The end result was Disorder, and as of today it is on iTunes here. In the coming weeks it will be on Spotify, Rhapsody, Napster, and all sorts of other music websites. It consists of my songs over the past couple of years (in a much higher bitrate, for music snobs like myself).

You can buy it for $8.91 there (those who know what Google is will probably be able to buy it for a lesser price). All of the money I get from this will go towards new musical gear, and a possible home studio setup. Maybe with a faster computer I'll be able to sing on my songs as well, as I have experience doing such work in rock bands.

So, yes. I am still alive and well and making music on Newgrounds. It's just under a different account. Be on the lookout for more music (coming from ochrence, not flight39) in the future. In the meantime, I am excited to have released my first official album.

With motivation,

tl;dr: I made an album. Buy it here.


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