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New remix!

2010-06-21 07:05:49 by flight39

Hi NGers!
A few weeks ago I made a remix of the excellent song Making Me Nervous by Brad Sucks.
I'm not sure what Newgrounds thinks about remixing outsiders, even if their music is released under Creative Commons like Brad's, so I'm not going to upload the remix here until I'm sure that it's okay with Fulp and the rest of the admins. But you can stream and download it on CCMixter using this link.

(If for some reason you couldn't click on that link, the URL is 994 .)

Anyway, I think this may be my best release yet so you should go check it out and recommend it if you like it, because I want people to view this one. I think it might have the potential to be almost kind of big.


P.S. As always, if you're looking for a letdown, expect something new from me in the next coming weeks.


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