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My computer crashed.

2010-02-08 06:38:28 by flight39

Damn. This really happened. I was looking through a book browsing through Amazon when the computer froze, and I had to hold its button to shut it down, and now I'm getting a STOP error whenever I try to turn it on even in safe mode. I've tried the whole recovery console and fixmbr and chkdsk /r and all of that technical stuff, but it hasn't done anything, and hasn't even come close to finding or solving the major problem I seem to have.

And of course this had to be the sole computer I had music-making software on.
So now all of my software, music files, and anything else I had in that desktop computer's giant memory bank is completely gone unless some sort of miracle happens. So yeah; expect a hiatus, Newgrounds Community. Expect a loooooong hiatus.

On a lighter note, F-777 is going to remix my song "Things Aren't the Same" as part of his Remix Newgrounds series! I can't wait to hear it.


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